Electric Cloud Announces New Add-On Called JobCache to ElectricAccelerator 8.0

Electric Cloud, a provider of enterprise web/IT application delivery and DevOps automation, has announced a new add-on called JobCache to ElectricAccelerator 8.0 – the latest version of its flagship build/test acceleration product.

Electric Cloud’s new JobCache add-on would further accelerate software builds by enabling enterprise-grade object file caching and re-use to guarantee correct, consistent and speedier builds while simultaneously reducing IT infrastructure requirements.

electric-cloud“The ability to go much faster with guaranteed accuracy is something our customers already love about ElectricAccelerator,” said Rohit Jainendra, Chief Product Officer for Electric Cloud. “With the addition of JobCache, we can help global customers developing embedded systems, automotive, mobile, financial services and Internet-of-Things not only go faster, but do so with far less infrastructure.”

ElectricAccelerator would dramatically accelerate software builds and tests by parallelizing jobs across shared clusters of physical or cloud CPU’s. ElectricAccelerator JobCache would safely utilize object file caching across CI and production builds. It does this by automatically determining which object files don’t need to be recompiled, and then skipping unnecessary application compiling processes. In addition to reduced build times, JobCache would help lower operating expenses by maximizing server utilization.

After deploying JobCache, Huawei, a $40 billion provider of telecom equipment and recognized by IDC as a top 5 global smartphone vendor, slashed its build times by an additional 30-to-40 percent over what it was already achieving with ElectricAccelerator.

Android is a large code base that can take a long time to build,” said Michael Liu, senior R&D tools director, at Huawei. “ElectricAccelerator JobCache gives us a competitive advantage by significantly decreasing the time that it takes to build Android.”