Element Critical, Alcatex Help IT Executives Select Hybrid Data Center Solutions

Element Critical

Alcatex, delivering data center planning, constructing, maintenance, upgrading, and decommissioning, has just formed an exclusive relationship with Element Critical, one of the fastest-growing data center service providers in the United States. This strategic alliance, which builds on a year of fruitful cooperation, would enable businesses to easily move from on-site data centers to hybrid infrastructure solutions taking advantage of Element Critical’s “cutting-edge” colocation facilities.

According to Element Critical, businesses are searching for data center providers that can provide them the IT services and cloud connections they need while also optimizing efficiency and sustainability, as they are exploring possibilities outside of their conventional on-premises settings. Element Critical claims to be in a unique position to assist forward-thinking corporate decision-makers in achieving their objectives because to its collaboration with Alcatex.

Allison Boen, President of Alcatex, expressed her excitement for this partnership by saying, “Our mission at Alcatex has always been to serve as the trusted partner for enterprises requiring logistical and consultative support for data center design, refurbishment, or decommissioning. Allison is a leading advocate and speaker for data center liquid and immersion cooling technology. Businesses are turning away from conventional on-premise infrastructure more and more, so our collaboration with Element Critical allows us to provide our customers a clear, and very confident, future direction.”

Turnkey Data Center Projects

As a go-to advisor across the entire lifecycle of a data center, Alcatex has, since 1995, completed and delivered multiple turnkey data center projects with sustainable, energy-efficient results using innovative technologies, including immersion cooling.

With sites in Virginia, Silicon Valley, Austin, Houston, Chicago, and Virginia, Element Critical has become a pioneer in data center solutions and has a fast growing portfolio of facilities that are ready for hybridization. Element Critical’s Skybox Houston One data center, in particular, would feature cutting-edge immersion cooling and liquid cooling to the chip as well as other innovative technologies.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Alcatex,” said Element Critical’s CRO, Steve Weaver. “This collaboration demonstrates our shared dedication to providing top-notch data center services. We are dedicated to working together to address the changing demands of companies in all of our service areas.”

Businesses around the United States would be able to benefit from this cooperative partnership by obtaining data center expertise from both Alcatex and Element Critical.