Embrace Change with Stanley Black & Decker | What I Wish I Knew

Sudhi Bangalore, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Global OPS at Stanley Black & Decker, shares what he would’ve done differently during the company’s journey to IoT adoption knowing what he knows now.

Listen as he discusses the challenges and wins his team faced early in the IoT implementation process and hear how their decision to become a Microsoft partner helped them reduce technical complexity along the way. Delve into the importance of getting standards right up front, embracing change, and the value of simple, elegant design.

0:00 – Introduction
0:47 – Stanley Black & Decker intro
1:10 – What would you have done differently?
1:33 – What challenges did you face?
2:15 – Why were partners so critical for you?
3:11 – How are you preparing to scale your proof of concept?

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– Learn more about Azure IoT: https://aka.ms/Azure-IoT-Overview
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Duration: 00:06:00
Publisher: Microsoft Cloud Platform
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