EMC Accelerates Data Center Support for Containers with RackHD Machine Driver

EMC Corporation has announced RackHD Machine Driver, a hardware–agnostic solution for open deployment of Docker solutions directly on bare metal servers. The RackHD Machine Driver is an integration with Docker Machine to manage the lifecycle of physical servers for the Docker Engine and future Docker solutions.

This new EMC project would enable users to easily embrace Docker containers on bare metal servers and simplify the deployment of software infrastructure by combining the power of a turnkey-supported container platform with RackHD hardware management and orchestration. It is the latest project in a series of container-focused solutions from the EMC {code} team supporting developer and open source communities.

emc cloud computingThe demand for containers and application platforms is increasing for enterprise environments. RackHD Machine Driver would allow enterprise teams to readily take advantage of the freedom and flexibility of open source infrastructure and containers. Through tight integration, the “innovative” approaches of RackHD Machine Driver would be a good match for Docker in private clouds and physical data centers. Together, they make container platforms a reality for physical data centers and help deliver the next iteration of the software-defined data center.

RackHD Machine Driver increases efficiency by using the RackHD hardware management and orchestration capabilities to drive automation for compatible hardware through the RackHD open APIs. This new solution differs from other available drivers that are focused on automating virtual machines and proprietary systems. It would allow operators and developers to easily take advantage of the efficiencies that containers provide for infrastructure and applications. Other open source solutions announced by EMC {code} this year include REX-Ray, Polly, libStorage, and UniK.

Key features of RackHD Machine Driver would include:

  • Enabling lifecycle management of a physical server for Docker solutions
  • Completely agnostic of server vendors, enabling a common orchestration capability across the data center
  • Enabling extra integrations and operating systems through customizable workflows
  • It leverages Docker containers for “simplified” operational experience
  • Can also be used to provision other application platforms
  • It enables private cloud bare metal deployment to “simplify” the container platform experience through integration with Rancher 1.0

“The RackHD bare metal provisioning and orchestration engine will enable us to deliver significant time savings in deploying infrastructure, by enabling a higher level of automation, work flow and firmware management in our deployment processes,” said Frans Van Rooyen, Infrastructure Architect, Adobe, an EMC-customer.”