EMC Launches Elastic Cloud Storage Appliance for Public Cloud Hosting Deployments

Storage vendor EMC has unveiled Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) Appliance – formerly known as “Project Nile” – at its EMC World 2014 event in Las Vegas. The new ECS Appliance would deliver the ease-of-use, agility and cost benefits of public cloud hosting environments, with the control and security of an on-premise private cloud.

emc-world-2014Next-generation applications are delivering unique and frictionless experiences for customers to both interact and transact. This requires a new storage infrastructure to take full advantage of analytics from the Big Data generated by these applications. EMC ECS Appliance would be the answer.

The ECS Appliance allows users to add hyperscale cloud capabilities to existing private cloud and hybrid cloud hosting environments, delivering ease-of-use through self-service capabilities, fully automated provisioning and data services for next-generation applications.

The data driven by use of next-generation applications over mobile devices creates multiple challenges for service providers and customers: it should be accessible, secure and analytic-ready, and the storage infrastructure must be able to handle explosive growth. The ECS Appliance is a modular, scale-out solution developed to provide industry-leading density per rack unit, with up to 2.9 Petabytes in a single rack. It can be clustered to achieve Exabyte scale.

Architecture and Design services

Customers who choose to store their data in a public cloud hosting environment may encounter risks such as system outages and the costs of moving their data in and out of the public cloud hosting environment. In many instances they can also run into compliance issues as they may not know where their data is stored, if or how it is backed up, and whether it is being accessed by unauthorized users. The EMC ECS Appliance provides a solution that eliminates these tradeoffs inherent within the public cloud.

EMC is also introducing new Architecture and Design services for the ECS Appliance. The services will help customers identify which of their current application workloads will drive the greatest business return with the ECS Appliance, and will architect and design a system configuration to drive maximum impact and value within their environment.

New Hybrid Cloud solution

emc-cloud-computingAt EMC World 2014, EMC also announced the EMC Hybrid Cloud solution, a new end-to-end reference architecture that is built upon EMC’s private cloud solutions. It allows customers to rapidly integrate with multiple public cloud hosting environments to create a unified hybrid cloud. The solution would enhance the performance, security, and compliance of an organization’s private cloud with compatible, on-demand services from EMC-powered Cloud Service Providers.

The new solution is based on a Software-Defined Data Center architecture comprising technologies from across the EMC federation of companies: EMC storage and data protection, Pivotal CF Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and the Pivotal Big Data Suite, VMware cloud management and virtualization solutions, and VMware vCloud Hybrid Service. The EMC Hybrid Cloud solution currently supports VMware environments, and will soon support OpenStack and Microsoft environments.

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