At the OCP Global Summit last week in San Jose, CA, several announcements were made by the Open Compute Project (OCP) and by companies collaborating with the OCP organization and its community. The annual Summit brought together more than 3,400 key decision makers, executives, engineers, developers and suppliers.

At the OCP Global Summit, global data center infrastructure provider Inspur has announced its plan, in joint efforts with Intel, to contribute a High-density Cloud-optimized platform to the OCP Community – code name ‘Crane Mountain.’ This four-socket platform launched by Inspur and Intel is a “high-density, flexible and powerful” 2U server, validated for the future generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processor (Codename Cascade Lake), and optimized with Intel Optane DC persistent memory. It is designed and optimized for cloud Infrastructure-aaS, Function-aaS, and Bare-Metal-aaS solutions. A four-socket system would present a significant boost to energy-efficiency as compared to the scale-out dual-socket system.

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Huawei, Open Rack

At the Summit, Huawei has announced its plans to adopt Open Rack in its new public cloud datacenters worldwide. The move is designed to enhance the environmental sustainability of Huawei’s new public cloud data centers by using less energy for servers, while driving operational efficiency by reducing the time it takes to install and maintain racks.

The Open Rack initiative proposed by the Open Compute Project (OCP) seeks to redefine the data center rack. It is the first rack standard that is designed for data centers, integrating the rack into the data center infrastructure, a holistic design process that considers the interdependence of everything from the power grid to the gates in the chips on each motherboard.

Adopted by some of the world’s largest hyperscale Internet service providers such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft, Open Rack is helping to lower total cost of ownership (TCO) in the data center environment and improve energy efficiency in the scale compute space.

“Huawei’s engineering and business leaders recognized the efficiency and flexibility that Open Rack offers, and the support that is available from a global supplier base,” said Bill Carter, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the Open Compute Project Foundation. “Providing cloud services to a global customer base creates certain challenges. The flexibility of the Open Rack specification and the ability to adapt for liquid cooling allows Huawei to service new geographies. Huawei’s decision to choose Open Rack is a great endorsement!”

1st European ‘OCP Ready’ Data Center

Edgar van Essen
“OCP is one of the game-changing trends, and innovation is for us the only answer to grow. That is why Switch Datacenters is eager to cooperate and share our knowledge and learnings in an open community like the global OCP Community,” said Edgar van Essen, Managing Director of Switch Datacenters.

After several years of working with the Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation and actively contributing to the OCP colocation standards, Amsterdam, Netherlands-based Switch Datacenters has successfully audited against OCP’s checklist for compliance and becomes one of the first European colocation services data centers (DC) to achieve OCP-Ready status. Accordingly, Switch Datacenters’ Amsterdam AMS1 data center becomes a listed ‘Colo Solution Provider’ on the OCP Marketplace.

Switch Datacenters runs three “high-end” colocation services facilities in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. Using a patented, in-house developed design, Switch Datacenters is amongst the greenest data center operators in Europe with a PuE of <1,15. The three data centers operated by Switch Datacenters have a total white space floor area of around 8350 m² / 90,000 ft².

“While the data center market is exploding on a worldwide scale, we need to continuously keep looking for more efficient, smarter and greener solutions to be able to compete,” said Edgar van Essen, Managing Director of Switch Datacenters. “OCP is one of the game-changing trends, and innovation is for us the only answer to grow. That is why Switch Datacenters is eager to cooperate and share our knowledge and learnings in an open community like the global OCP Community, and we welcome believers in OCP technology to our Amsterdam facility.”

European OCP Experience Center

In October 2018, Switch Datacenters, Rittal and Circle B jointly announced the opening of the first European Experience Center for OCP technology, also located in the AMS1 site of Switch Datacenters. Circle B – the first OCP Solution Provider for the European market – was acquired by Taurus Group last week, a conglomerate of traditional and value-added distribution as well as systems integration companies located in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. The OCP Experience Center is meant to help the OCP Community to increase the understanding and awareness of the advantages of OCP Hardware and OCP design architectures, and provides a real-life demo environment for customers to get introduced to OCP.

“The EMEA region has been identified as a primary region for OCP technology growth, which overall has a forecast 59% CAGR for the next five years,” said Steve Helvie, VP of Channel Development at OCP. “Colocation facility providers are a key to facilitating the use of OCP Hardware, so OCP is delighted to announce that Switch Datacenters – one of the most innovative data center developments in Europe – is an official provider of qualified data center white space for OCP deployments.”

Liquid Cooling

At the 2019 OCP Global Summit, immersion cooling system provider Submer announced the addition to their SmartPod Immersion Cooling System platform – the SmartPodX – that conforms to both standard server formats and to Open Compute Project (OCP) specifications for high-performance, supercomputing, and hyperscale infrastructures.

The SmartPodX would help achieve Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratios of 1.03 or better; compute densities exceeding 100 kW; and an IT Hardware “lifespan increase of 20% to 50%.”

“The Open Compute Project exists to develop open standards that bring greater efficiency, scalability, openness, and positive impact to datacenters and hardware – making all of our lives better,” said Daniel Pope, CEO of Submer. “This makes the OCP Global Summit the perfect opportunity to launch our hyper-efficient SmartPodX that will power the next generation of high-performance servers and supercomputers that usher in the next wave of research and technical innovation.”

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