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Encrypted network traffic is on the rise. That’s good for privacy. Bad for security professionals. Without the ability to look inside the payload, how can you tell what’s being encrypted, or the quality of that encryption? If it’s benign, is it really secure? What if it’s malicious? How would you know?

Decryption is not only computationally expensive, it potentially violates corporate privacy policy and regulatory compliance. But thanks to machine learning, and Cisco innovations in flow monitoring, it’s now possible to gain rich insights into encrypted traffic without inspecting the actual payload.

In this episode of TechWiseTV, Robb and Lauren examine Cisco Encrypted Traffic Analytics, the new solution that combines advanced telemetry capabilities embedded in the network with AI-pattern analysis to detect encrypted malware and ensure cryptographic compliance without decryption.

Guests TK Keanini and Sandeep Agrawal from Cisco explain how through multiple techniques and machine learning, patterns have emerged that allow us to infer maliciousness over time.

They explain how Encrypted Traffic Analytics works, the components that make up the solution, and how you can use this innovative new solution in the future as it continues to learn and better understand the threat landscape.
• Determine how much of your digital business is encrypted vs in the clear
• Discover devices with out-of-date and non-compliant encryption software that make it easier for malware to hide
• Identify malicious traffic without decryption

Duration: 22:52
Publisher: Cisco
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