End-To-End Security and Compliance for Your Kubernetes Software Supply Chain (Cloud Next '19)

Containers have unique characteristics such as immutability, declarative format, fast iteration that make it require a fundamentally different security model than that of VMs, especially within a secure software supply chain. In this session, ANZ will join us to discuss the challenges and benefits containers bring. We’ll cover how containers change the software delivery model from a security point of view; how containers can help improve your patching process; how to discover if you’re affected by a newly discovered vulnerability; and how to enforce your compliance requirements as part of your pipeline. Learn how to best leverage managed base images, GCR vulnerability scanning, binary authorization, and more to improve your overall DevOps security.

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Speaker(s): Juan Sebastian Oviedo, Sandra Guo, Satyam Agarwala, Rakesh Garala

Session ID: OPS208
product:Cloud Binary Authorization,Cloud Container Registry; fullname:Sandra Guo,Juan Oviedo;

Duration: 39:51
Publisher: Google Cloud
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