EndLayer Launches Magento Hosting Plans Based on Bare Metal Cloud

Hosting provider EndLayer, a company based in Wakefield, MA and specialized in hosting for ecommerce websites, has launched new Magento hosting plans, promising top speeds and performance for webmasters using the ecommerce platform.

bare-metal-cloud-endlayerEndLayer’s bare metal cloud hosting solutions for Magento have a choice of four different completely optimized hosting plans to choose from: SPC, SPM, SPM Gold, and SPM Platinum.

EndLayer’s SPC Cloud (Shared Performance Cloud) plans are recommended for ecommerce sites averaging 10 orders or less per day, and allows webmasters to reduce overhead with a shared cloud technology solution built for speed and performance. SPC servers are limited to a maximum of 24 tenants, which means that clients will never be on a server with more than 23 other ecommerce websites at the same time.

Hardware from SoftLayer

The SPM (Shared Performance Metal) plans for Magento are powered by Dual E5-2620 Hex Core processors and allow for up to 3000GB of Tier-1 Data Usage. EndLayer’s SPM packages are NOT “cloud” servers and utilize bare metal hardware from SoftLayer, which would contribute significantly to their enhanced speed and performance.

“After the fall of osCommerce, we found ourselves building hundreds of Magento-powered websites each year for our clients,” said Michael Farin, co-founder of EndLayer. “In doing so, we also found out how slow the platform can be without having the proper server configurations in place. This inspired us to develop a completely optimized shared performance hosting offering aimed at delivering unsurpassed speed and reliability for our client’s websites.”

Varnish Cache

For enterprise-grade ecommerce websites, EndLayer offers Varnish Cache, a web accelerator that increases site speed, performance and reliability. By storing a copy of the page served by the web server the first time a user visits the page, Varnish Cache is able to significantly speed up Magento websites. Varnish Cache is growing in popularity and now being used by 1.6 million websites and counting.

All EndLayer plans come with 4x’s daily backups, enterprise-grade security monitoring, a 100% up-time guarantee, a free SSL certificate, and a free domain name.

Founded in 2013, EndLayer.com is specialized in high performance website hosting for e-commerce websites.