Energy Company #Enexis Selects TiNC Works! To Monitor and Analyze Health of Its IT Network

TiNC Works!Enexis, a large energy company with thousands of employees, headquartered in the Netherlands, has selected TiNC Works! for independently measuring the health of its IT network. TiNC Works! It provides a “new” method to monitor and diagnose computer networks, based on IoT technology and cloud services.

As a grid operator, Enexis transports electricity and gas to homes and businesses across the Netherlands. The company has 25 office locations and more than 4,500 employees located around the country. A fast and stable IT network would be important for Enexis to continue to provide “high quality” services to more than 2.8 million customers. Failure of Enexis’ IT network would cause – in addition to inconvenience – direct and indirect economic damage to both its own organization as well as Enexis customers.

Organizations with a multi-cloud strategy might need an independent insight into the underlying connectivity network – which is exactly what TiNC Works! provides. Opting for TiNC Works! would give Enexis the means to check the promised service levels and availability provided by its network services providers.

“TiNC Works! helps Enexis in the early identification of possible future network disruptions,” said Pier Boonstra, ICT consultant at Enexis. “This enables Enexis to act proactively instead of reactively. This unique approach to network monitoring has multiple advantages for all parties involved.”

enexis-tinc-worksMonitoring Health Entire Network

The sensors provided by TiNC Works!, a company also based in the Netherlands, would help Enexis measure the quality of the IT network independently and with great regularity. The standard SNMP solutions available on the market would mainly show average traffic volumes transiting the interfaces of equipment. TiNC Works! on the other hand would measure the health of the entire network between the user and the information system, providing additional insights beyond the existing monitoring solutions.

“With the help of the simple plug-and-play system, Enexis has the ability to monitor the quality of the IT network from almost every location,” said Marco van den Akker, commercial director at TiNC Works! “And with TiNC Works! Enexis can objectively assess its connectivity providers on the basis of independent measurement data.”