Engine Yard Selects New York Based Colocation Company, NYI, For Its Docker-based Platform-as-a-Service Solution

Engine Yard, a provider of cloud orchestration platforms, has selected New York based colocation and managed services provider, NYI, as its East Coast data center partner. NYI will provide power, space and dedicated servers for a lab environment to help harden Engine Yard’s Deis platform for large-scale colocation environments. Deis is a Docker-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for deploying and managing distributed applications. 

NYI’s dedicated team will also provide support to Engine Yard as it works to bring bare metal solutions to those who have outgrown their cloud solutions.

colocation-new-yorkThe partnership and lab environment within NYI will facilitate the deployment of Deis-powered applications on bare metal. Container on metal solutions would offer a more robust system that enables enhanced processing capabilities and also provides performance, compliance and cost benefits. The colocation provider worked closely with Engine Yard to determine the scope and necessary testing to determine the final parameters for the bare metal that NYI provides to the lab environment. 

The distributed systems lab will be used to test failure modes, network partitions and performance deltas between Deis releases. The lab environment will help ensure container on metal solutions meet customer standards for high-performance, scalability and high-availability. Additionally, the use of a 12-Factor app, a methodology for building modern web-based applications, would enable a seamless transfer of applications from any infrastructure to a bare metal server.

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“NYI is known for constantly reinventing the way data centers are utilized to stay at the forefront of the quickly evolving technology landscape and to provide the most efficient, innovative solutions available,” said Gabriel Monroy, CTO at Engine Yard and the creator of Deis. “This forward thinking is what makes NYI the ideal host for our distributed systems lab. Moving to containers can lead to greater efficiency and huge cost savings as the overhead of virtual machines is eliminated. For companies looking to maximize price for performance, running containers directly on metal is the way to go.” 

NYI owns and operates data centers in New York and New Jersey. In addition to serving the Northeast, NYI also extends its data center, cloud, hybrid, bare metal and managed services across the coast, with facilities located in Seattle and Los Angeles.

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