Enter Cloud Suite Teams With Megaport Software Defined Network to Enrich European Connectivity

Enter, a provider of network and cloud services based in Italy, has announced its collaboration with Megaport – a global provider of Software Defined Networking (SDN). The collaboration would enable near-instant, readily-available access to its Enter Cloud Suite (ECS) and services ecosystem through Megaport’s global elastic interconnection network. 

Enter Cloud Suite (ECS) is a European, OpenStack-based cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution. ECS would enable seamless orchestration of servers, storage, networks, Domain Name System (DNS) and Content Delivery Network (CDN) through an “intuitive” graphical interface or advanced Application Program Interface (API).

The scalable ECS offering can be delivered autonomously or as a fully managed, turnkey solution that encompasses architecting, design, setup, migration, and ongoing maintenance and support.

Enterprise and carrier customers connected to the Megaport network in Amsterdam as well as any other Megaport-enabled locations can now directly connect to Enter’s innovative cloud platform and tap into Megaport’s global footprint.

Milan, Frankfurt, Amsterdam

“Megaport’s Software Defined Network enables us to extend direct connectivity to our cloud services beyond Milan, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam to address increasing customer demand for network and cloud services across Europe and beyond,” said Milko Ilari, Head of International Business & Strategy, Enter. “The relationship also enables automated provisioning to Enter Cloud Suite via dedicated connections from any Megaport-enabled data center.”

Wholly owned and operated, and built upon secure open source technology, Enter Cloud Suite is compliant with European data protection and privacy legislation. This would be a key reason why Enter Cloud Suite is one of the official cloud platforms of 52 European institutions and agencies, such as the European Parliament and Court of Justice.

“As the demand for scalable and reliable connectivity to cloud solutions grows, Megaport is excited to enable innovative providers such as Enter, who wish to provide their customers the best connectivity capabilities,” said Belle Lajoie, Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific, Megaport. “In addition to instantly managing their connectivity to ECS from any Megaport-enabled location, on any device, Enter customers can now consume elastic bandwidth for connectivity across the globe, enabling the customer to adjust the bandwidth consumption as their business requirements change. Megaport’s Software Defined Network also enables direct, instant, and scalable access to our global Ecosystem of service providers, as well as connectivity to critical Internet Exchange services throughout Europe.”

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