EnterpriseDB and KT Join Forces to Launch Database-as-a-Service Offering in Korea

EnterpriseDB (EDB), a provider of enterprise-grade Postgres products and database compatibility solutions, has announced a partnership with the technology services subsidiary (KT DS) of KT Corp., one of the largest telecommunications providers in South Korea. The partnership calls for the two companies to launch a new database-as-a-service offering featuring EDB’s Postgres Plus Advanced Server on KT’s uCloud cloud hosting environment.

KT DS is the KT Corp. subsidiary that oversees technology across all of KT Corp., a long-time EDB customer and provider of open source PostgreSQL. EDB Postgres Plus powers multiple mission-critical workloads at KT and the company’s engineers contribute to the PostgreSQL open source project. The fact that KT turns to EDB for the database in its new cloud hosting service follows years of collaboration.

cloud-databse-enterprisedb“Our long and successful partnership with EnterpriseDB with on-premises deployments in our own infrastructure made EDB’s Postgres Plus the obvious choice when we selected a cloud partner for our uCloud,” said Seunghye Sohn, Senior Vice President of KT DS.

Advancing cloud computing has become a priority in Korea, where the government is officially supporting the expansion of cloud infrastructures with financial and legislative backing. In March 2015, the Korean government passed the Act on Promotion of Cloud Computing and User Protection, known simply as the “Cloud Act”, to identify the cloud as key to innovation and operational efficiency while encouraging public agencies to implement cloud services. 

“KT was a proving ground in Korea for Postgres Plus to power mission-critical, high-volume workloads,” said Ed Boyajian, CEO of EnterpriseDB. “They are now leading enterprise and government users to the future with their uCloud and together we’re building on our years of partnership to play a role as cloud computing expands across Korea.”