EnterpriseDB Announces Global Availability of Transparent Data Encryption

EDB - EnterpriseDB

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), an extension of Postgres that would provide strong security and performance capabilities for businesses, is now immediately available worldwide, according to enterprise Postgres company EnterpriseDB. For large businesses, TDE would considerably increase data security and reduce risks.

Information security is still a major issue for IT decision-makers, according to Gartner’s ‘2023 CIO and Technology Executive Agenda.’ By including TDE in its Standard and Enterprise subscriptions, EnterpriseDB would allay these worries while still providing the finest possible Oracle migration and compatibility services. EnterpriseDB offers TDE for Postgres and Oracle compatibility, flexible deployment including administration and support for enterprises.

Large businesses may find it challenging to maintain the security and integrity of their data, according to Jozef de Vries, Chief Product Engineering Officer, EnterpriseDB. “Enterprise’s most recent developments show a dedication to product design with a security-first mindset,” he said. “We’re increasing the appeal of using Postgres as an enterprise database standard by introducing transparent data encryption.”

Data Encryption and Decryption

With the achievement of this milestone, EnterpriseDB would tackle the primary issues that businesses have while trying to maintain security and adhere to regulations. The advantages of TDE provided by EnterpriseDB would include the following:

  • Encryption at the block level to guard against illegal data access. The write-ahead logging (WAL), temporary files, and Postgres data are all encrypted on disk and inaccessible to system users.
  • The database controls data encryption and decryption; no new client drivers or application modifications are necessary.
  • With early support for Amazon AWS Key Management Service, Google Cloud Key Management Service, Microsoft Azure Key Vault, and Thales CipherTrust Manager, key management that is external to Postgres is possible.
Jozef de Vries, Chief Product Engineering Officer et EDB
“We’re increasing the appeal of using Postgres as an enterprise database standard by introducing transparent data encryption,” said Jozef de Vries, Chief Product Engineering Officer et EDB.

EnterpriseDB, also brranded as EDB, is focused on providing enterprise-grade solutions based on the popular PostgreSQL database system, with a strong emphasis on performance, security, and compatibility with other database systems. The firm was established in 2004 and is based in Bedford, Massachusetts in the United States.

EDB offers EDB Postgres, an enterprise-grade version of PostgreSQL that comes with extra features including support for Oracle databases, performance management, and extensive security capabilities. In order to assist clients switching from other database systems, such Oracle, to EDB Postgres, EDB also provides migration tools.

In addition to EDB Postgres, the business offers a variety of tools and services, such as database monitoring and administration, backup and recovery, and performance optimization, for managing and implementing PostgreSQL-based applications.

Finance, healthcare, and government are just a few of the many areas in which EDB has a sizable customer base. Additionally, the business collaborates with other technology suppliers like IBM and Dell to provide clients with integrated solutions.