EnterpriseDB Releases Its EDB Postgres Ark DBaaS on AWS Marketplace

Database platform company for digital businesses, EnterpriseDB, has announced the release of its EDB Postgres Ark Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) framework to the Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud) Marketplace.

EDB Postgres Ark would enable customizable deployments of Postgres clusters to private and public clouds, such as AWS Cloud as well as Red Hat OpenStack.

edb postgress enterprisedb“With EDB Postgres Ark, AWS Cloud users now have greater flexibility and control to deploy the EDB Postgres database platform into hybrid environments,” said Marc Linster, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Product Development, EnterpriseDB. “EDB Postgres Ark simplifies the process of provisioning robust Postgres deployments, while taking advantage of the flexibility and power of cloud computing.”

EDB Postgres Ark would allow organizations to quickly deploy and manage robust and highly available database instances to support DevOps and continuous delivery programs. Further benefits of using EDB Postgres Ark on AWS Cloud would include:

  • The option to manage deployments of PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server in multiple clouds, thus retaining external flexibility for system uptime and workload optimization.
  • An “easy-to-use” console and APIs that allow for the quick creation of a range of Postgres deployments, from single instance developments and boxes to production clusters immediately set up with high availability, automatic backup and recovery, load balancing, and basic monitoring and management. Users also have the option of encrypting every cluster to provide an environment that is both secure and transparent to the connecting applications.
  • When used with EDB Postgres Advanced Server, the EDB Postgres Ark framework would also provide database compatibility with Oracle and offer significant cost savings.

EnterpriseDB is based in Bedford, Massachusetts. It delivers an open source-based data platform for new applications, cloud re-platforming, application modernization, and legacy migration. EnterpriseDB integrates with enterprise technologies and infrastructures for hybrid cloud management, data integration, and data warehousing.

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