EnterpriseDB to Deliver Near-Real-Time Replication with Dell SharePlex

EnterpriseDB (EDB), a provider of enterprise-grade Postgres database solutions, has announced a new joint technology solution with Dell to enable high-performance replication and data integration from Oracle databases to the EDB Postgres platform. The new Dell SharePlex for EDB Postgres solution supports on-premises, geographically dispersed and cloud deployments.

The database solution allows customers to combine existing with an enterprise-grade database management system (DBMS) based on open source.

“Our customers often deploy EDB Postgres alongside existing Oracle deployments, so we seek complementary technologies for the propagation of data from Oracle to EDB Postgres,” said Lenley Hensarling, Senior Vice President, Product Management and Strategy, EDB. “The Dell SharePlex solution is a market-leading technology that enables a higher degree of scale and availability for large enterprise environments, with the added benefit of near real-time data integration.”

EDB Postgres, combined with Dell SharePlex, would support high-performance data replication and data migrations from Oracle, thereby “lowering customer costs” in use cases where reporting databases are provisioned to offload OLTP servers; to enable multi-node distribution to departmental or branch office systems; or for centralized data aggregation with near real-time data access.

cloud databse enterprisedb“Our customers are looking for enterprise-class open source alternatives to traditional databases in order to gain greater efficiencies in their IT environments,” said Bill Brunt, global product manager, Dell Software. “Combining the powerful capabilities in Dell SharePlex with the world-class capabilities of EDB Postgres gives our customers a complete solution to take advantage of significant cost savings in their database environments.”

The Dell SharePlex for EDB Postgres solution means Dell SharePlex 8.6.3 now supports database replication of OLTP transactional data from Oracle to the newly released EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.5, as well as EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.4. The new Dell SharePlex for EDB Postgres solution would provide enterprises with multiple critical advantages:

  • Zero Impact Migrations – The solution would allow customers to quickly implement EDB Postgres with virtually zero downtime and risk free replication from live Oracle databases to EDB Postgres.
  • Scalability – The combined solution would allow end users to achieve greater scale and consistent experience by offloading reporting and queries from Oracle to EDB Postgres, which delivers better OLTP response times.
  • Integration – The new SharePlex capability allows customers to integrate legacy systems running on Oracle with new open-source based solutions, while maintaining a near real-time flow of the data.