EnterpriseDB’s Announces Expanded Encryption for Postgres Cloud Database Products on AWS

EnterpriseDB (EDB), a global provider of enterprise-grade Postgres products and database compatibility solutions, has announced expanded data encryption for its Postgres Plus Cloud Database products on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The new level of security provides greater data protection that governments and many companies often demand in the cloud.

In the U.S., the addition of the encryption of data while it is in storage means EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus Cloud Database is now suitable for use with healthcare applications which must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, which governs personal health care information.

cloud-databse-enterprisedbBecause Postgres Plus Cloud Database is available worldwide on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the new data privacy measure means companies in sensitive industries globally may be able to tap an enterprise-grade, “low cost” cloud database.

“EDB’s cloud database has long met the higher security standards required by US federal agencies but the expanded data encryption capacity is the last check in the box required for a major need in healthcare,” said Marc Linster, Senior Vice President of Products and Services at EnterpriseDB. “Companies in highly regulated industries are seeking to leverage the cloud for a wider range of workloads, including applications involving sensitive information, because of the cost benefits and flexibility. Now they have a new option in EDB.”

EnterpriseDB’s cloud products spin up new databases in separate, private instances, and supports advanced auditing capabilities, meeting the heightened security requirements of HIPAA and many organizations. EDB offers two Postgres cloud products on AWS Marketplace, Postgres Plus Cloud Database Advanced and Postgres Plus Cloud Database Basic. Both products provide specialized support for Postgres while the Advanced edition includes EDB’s enhancements, tools and database compatibility for Oracle.