Epsilon Becomes A LINX Partner, Achieves Highest Tier of LINX’s Partner Program

Epsilon has achieved the Diamond partner status by the London Internet Exchange (LINX) as a member of its ‘ConneXions Partner Programme’. Epsilon got the highest LINX ConneXions Reseller Partner tier due to the recent expansion of its managed capacity for connecting the customers to the exchange through its remote peering service. Epsilon’s various dedicated ports over the LINX network bring customers from all over the globe to peer at LINX’s major interconnection hubs.

Photo Jennifer Holmes, CCO at LINX
“Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen new record traffic peaks of over 6Tbps, a global connected capacity of over 40Tbps and an increasing demand for peering in London. We look forward to continuing to grow this thriving ecosystem with Epsilon,” said Jennifer Holmes, CCO at LINX.

Remote Peering is an ethernet service available on Epsilon’s Network as a Service (NaaS) platform Infiny, which directly establishes a connection between users and LINX through its global network. The service would provide scalable and flexible bandwidth options for clients to connect from anywhere to LINX for peering and other interconnection services.

Epsilon connects its customers to LINX’s LON1 and LON2 networks in London and LINX NoVA exchange in Northern Virginia, US. Clients can use the Inifiny platform for on-demand connectivity to remotely peer at LINX with complete control and visibility over the network. Remote Peering would eradicate the requirement for heavy investment in physical infrastructure, so customers can take leverage from cost-efficient virtual presence over markets to bring their users near to their content.

The LINX ConneXions Partner Programme enables member networks to include an additional port to resell LINX capacity as part of their product and service range. Networks change tiers, from an official partner to Diamond status, depending on the port’s size, locations resold, and traffic. LINX has a large number of international partners, which is an important component of the company’s growth plan.

Epsilon CEO’s Take

Michel Robert, Chief Executive Officer at Epsilon, said that in the past year they have witnessed a surge in the demand for peering globally. He further added that as end-users become more increasingly hyper-sensitive to overall digital experience and downtime, making a strong relationship with LINX has always been a priority for them to provide a super smooth peering solution to the customers.

Mr. Robert concluded by saying that the organization is looking forward to continuing to grow the partnership with LINX and facilitate a higher number of customers’ access into one of the world’s most important IXs.


Jennifer Holmes, CCO at LINX, said that Epsilon’s customers peering at LINX’s exchanges have access to around 990 ASNs connecting from over 80 countries all around the world. She also said that the customers can exchange traffic with world-leading carriers, content providers, cloud service providers, OTTs, and a wide range of organizations. With more players in the ecosystem, all the partners will have more alternatives and opportunities to take advantage of peering.

She ended her statement by saying that over the last 12 months, they have seen a new traffic peak of more than 6Tbps, a globally connected capacity of over 40Tbps, and a rapidly growing demand for peering in London.