Equilibrium’s MediaRich Server now Available in AWS Marketplace

Equilibrium, a content management and automatic mobile media delivery platform, has announced the release of its MediaRich All Media Server as a hosted Amazon Machine Image (AMI) on AWS Marketplace.

Using an Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud) account, customers can quickly deploy the MediaRich All Media Server, giving them access to the latest version of this dynamic image and video platform for automating content processing and management in the cloud.

MediaRich Server is already delivering millions of assets for thousands of customers every day. Utilizing the native 64-bit platform, and with render support for over 450 file types, MediaRich can process almost any size asset, handling gigantic files from architectural drawings and Photoshop images to HD, SUHD 4k and 8k videos.

equilibrium mediarich serverRunning on the AWS Cloud, customers will be able to host the Equilibrium MediaRich Server as a pre-configured AMI on a variety of machine types on Windows Server 2012 R2. This would enable any company to quickly deploy either batch or dynamic on-the-fly web content with automatic dynamic user experiences in minutes.

MediaRich’s rendition management with shared cache functionality would provide quick and easy scalability to meet any application need. Whether users want batch processing for image, document, camera raw, Adobe or video processing into other systems, metadata extraction and embedding, or they need massive automatic responsive website content deployment, the Equilibrium MediaRich Server can now power any requirements on the AWS Cloud.

“By listing in AWS Marketplace, MediaRich Server provides AWS customers with an easier way to quickly process and deliver high-density media in a scalable and secure environment on AWS,” said Barry Russell, General Manager, Global Business Development, AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services, Amazon Web Services. “Providing customers a powerful tool to transition, transform and add effects to all types of video or high definition media files, MediaRich makes it easier for AWS customers to generate and automatically track and serve their content.”