Equinix Deepens Hybrid Cloud Partnership with NetApp, Announces Expanded Cloud Storage Offering

netapp-cloud-storageEquinix and Netapp have announced an expansion of their cloud partnership. The two companies now provide an expanded offering of private storage solutions for public cloud hosting environments including NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure, through the Equinix Cloud Exchange, which would make connecting to the cloud simple and convenient.

NetApp and Equinix began their partnership in 2012 to give customers complete control over their data while using scalable compute from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Building on the success of the AWS offering, the expanded partnership and new solution for Microsoft Azure enable the two companies to meet customer demands for leading public clouds.

By deploying NetApp Private Storage in Equinix data centers with Equinix Cloud Exchange, enterprises place data next to AWS and Microsoft Azure to combine the elasticity and cost benefits of public cloud compute with performance availability and control of private NetApp storage and data management.

Equinix Cloud Exchange

colocation-equinixThe Equinix Cloud Exchange can dynamically connect NetApp Private Storage customers to multiple public clouds. This automated provisioning, combined with advanced service orchestration, would greatly simplify the process of interconnecting enterprise storage resources to cloud hosting services, slashing connection times from days or even weeks to minutes.

“Our test results confirm the performance benefits of connecting private storage to public clouds through Equinix Cloud Exchange,” said Phil Brotherton, vice president, Cloud Solutions Group, NetApp. “The exchange platform’s automated connections give NetApp customers direct, easy access to multiple clouds and managed services, so they can quickly create a virtual portfolio IT services that works for them. As for NetApp, we see great value in this new solution, because it enables us to connect our infrastructure stack to multiple cloud vendors, expanding opportunities for our customers and our business.”

NetApp Private Storage for Microsoft Azure is available in Equinix data centers in Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C. Availability throughout additional U.S data centers, Europe and Asia are planned for the near future.