Equinix Deploys 5G and Edge Technology Development Center with Nokia

Located at its Equinix DA11 data center in Dallas, Equinix has deployed a fully functional 5G and Edge Technology Development Center. It is installed to test and verify various 5G services and applications, including a fully operated, non-standalone 5G network.

The 5G and Edge Technology Development Center unites selected members of the ecosystem to build end-to-end solutions by offering a sandbox-ready environment from the radio network to the cloud.

Photo CTO Justin Dustzadeh
“As companies develop new 5G technologies and services, they need a real-world environment to test and bring their concepts to life,” said Justin Dustzadeh, CTO at Equinix.

Mobile network operators (MNOs), cloud platforms, technology suppliers, and enterprises will come together at the Equinix facility in Dallas for testing, showcasing and accelerating complicated 5G and cutting-edge scenarios, crucial operations which are going to bring future 5G deployments to business use. On demand, customers can set up networking connections within a metro or worldwide from the data center to a data center between any two ‘Equinix Fabric’ sites via an interconnection specified by software. Equinix Fabric is aimed at connecting distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems directly, securely and dynamically on the Equinix platform.

“As we look to a future where 5G is ubiquitous, the way that IP traffic moves between networks around the world will change completely, and interconnected data centers will play a crucial role in this new 5G-dominated future,” said Sean Hemphill, Vice President Webscale Business at Nokia.Equinix’s approach to digital infrastructure enables access to a large ecosystem of end users and service providers. Nokia IP solutions underpin Equinix Fabric, providing seamless interconnection between its global data centers. We’re pleased that Equinix Fabric will bring the power of interconnection to help customers test real-world 5G and edge deployments.”

Exploration of Optimum 5G RAN

The Dallas-based 5G and Edge Technology Development Center will initially focus on the following use cases:

  • Mobile Hybrid Multicloud Connectivity – Assessing strategies for ensuring that 5G user traffic can access multiple clouds and hybrid edge computing resources, effectively and efficiently
  • Network Slicing – Enabling private wireless networks to provide a secure, predictable end-to-end expertise
  • Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Investigate the optimization of edge dispersed and directly connected AI / ML apps and infrastructure to 5G to clouds to provide data-dense functionality, such as scene and video analytics
  • Enablement and Orchestration of Infrastructure – Exploration of optimum 5G RAN, fronthaul, core and edge computing facilities and domain management capabilities
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality – Validating a constant experience, consistent quality and great mobility and movements everywhere
  • Gaming – Demonstrating responsive hosted-gaming, low-latency peripherals that take use of the metro edge for distribution

“As companies develop new 5G technologies and services, they need a real-world environment to test and bring their concepts to life,” said Justin Dustzadeh, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Equinix. “With Equinix’s rich ecosystem of service providers, partners and clouds, the 5G and Edge Technology Development Center is an ideal place to fully test their concepts in a real way, enabling them to bring new capabilities to market, accelerate adoption and deliver new revenue streams faster.”