Equinix Doesn’t Accept Orders from Russian Colocation Clients Anymore

Equinix stands with the people of Ukraine and strongly opposes the Russian government’s actions in Ukraine. While Equinix does not have data center operations in Russia, the colocation provider will not make any direct or indirect investments until the war is resolved. Also, Equinix will not accept any new orders for products or services from Russian customers.

In Russia, a government will have to be in place that acknowledges and respects the rights of other sovereign nations before Equinix is considering any direct or indirect investments, the company added.

“We are committed to supporting the sanctions intended for a peaceful resolution,” stated Equinix in a referral to its company objectives. “In addition, we are working to do our part in maintaining the global digital infrastructure that supports free and open communication, aids in humanitarian relief and limits unintended consequences to countries and citizens impacted by this conflict.”

Equinix will not allow Russian customers to place new orders for products or services, unless in the review of those orders, they align with the objectives stated above. Next to that, Equinix has suspended all activities and purchasing with and through Russian partners and suppliers.

Free Colocation Services for Ukraine

The Ukrainian people are suffering as a result of this crisis, and Equinix really hopes that it may be handled resolved quickly and diplomatically. Until then, Equinix will:

  • Provide services to existing Ukrainian clients free of charge until further notice
  • Continue its employee donation 2:1 matching effort for relief organizations
  • Provide a grant for immediate and direct relief to Polish Humanitarian Action which is actively working to assist and support the growing number of Ukrainian refugees
  • Continue to evaluate other grants and non-monetary support to aid in the humanitarian efforts and the support of Ukrainian refugees