Equinix Invests $20 Million in 1st Phase of New Helsinki, Finland Data Center

Equinix Helsinki HE6
Equinix Helsinki data center, HE6

Global data center colocation and interconnection company, Equinix, will build a new data center in Helsinki, Finland. This data center, called HE7, will provide interconnection and colocation to businesses to support their IT transformation initiatives.

Helsinki is a digital gateway bridging the gap between Russia, the Baltic States and the rest of Europe through direct digital routes. Helsinki’s strategic location is reinforced by strong infrastructure in Europe including subsea cables which are key to the flow of data into and out of northern Europe. This includes connectivity to the Cinia C-Lion1 submarine data cable between Finland and Germany.

The new Equinix HE7 data center will become part of Platform Equinix which is comprised of 200 data centers in 52 markets globally. It would enable customers to interconnect securely with 135+ businesses in Finland with an emphasis on “leading” financial services and content and digital media companies. HE7 will add 250 cabinets in its initial phase and expand to 1,475 cabinets at full build. This data center will use 100% green energy.

Interconnection with CSPs

The Equinix HE7 data center will also provide direct, secured and dynamic software-defined interconnection through the Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric to over 1,300 businesses including some of the largest CSPs including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Oracle Cloud.

“Many of Equinix’s local customers in Helsinki are looking to grow their presence as they require interconnection to cloud and SaaS providers to support IT transformation goals,” said Sami Holopainen, Managing Director of Equinix Finland. “As these businesses consider their options they realize the value of a future-proof environment for their digital journey. Platform Equinix is more than 200 data centers – it is a platform for innovation.”

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