Equinix Opens Five New Data Centers on Four Continents, Invests $227 Million

Data Center and interconnection company Equinix has announced that it will open five new International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers on four continents, to create more colocation capacity for global companies. The data center expansion represents a total investment of $227 million and an additional 4,200 new cabinets.

data-centers-equinixIn the coming weeks, Equinix will bring the five new data centers online across its global interconnection platform of more than 100 data centers. In addition, these sites will add over one million square feet of new data center space at full build to the 10+ million square feet present in the existing global footprint, increasing the scale of Platform Equinix by more than 10 percent. The five markets where Equinix is opening new IBX data centers are epicenters for global data and communication flow:

  • Data Center New York – The NY6 data center in Secaucus will serve the world’s largest financial, media and enterprise companies with premium colocation services and will meet enterprises’ need for larger footprints to deploy data-intensive applications closer to the edge.
  • Data Center Singapore – Asia-Pacific markets are in a period of rapid expansion, and Singapore is at the center of this high-growth region. SG3 will be Equinix’s largest data center in Asia-Pacific and Equinix Singapore is the most densely networked metro in the region.
  • Data Center Melbourne – Melbourne is a hub for software companies and a center of Australian economic activity. The ME1 data center will mark Equinix’s entrance into this market and provide customers with the opportunity to interconnect to leading companies and accelerate performance of their digital supply chains.
  • Data Center London – The LD6 data center, located in London Slough, marks a major milestone for Equinix as well as the United Kingdom’s (UK) digital sector. The flagship UK data center was built to meet escalating demand for interconnection capacity across the region’s fastest-growing campus and is a virtual financial center with 25 percent of European equities trades originating inside Equinix.
  • Data Center Toronto – TR2 will be a “state-of-the-art” Equinix data center located downtown, just one mile (1.6 km) from TR1- home to one of Canada’s most robust trading ecosystems, with participants that include alternative trading systems, market data providers, risk management service providers, traders and banks. The two IBXs are tethered by Equinix’s Metro Connect and carrier-provided fiber, creating a highly interconnected business ecosystem.