Equinix Opens its Fourth Data Center in Japan, Investing $43 Million

Data center and global interconnection services provider Equinix announced the opening of its fourth data center in Japan, located in Otemachi, Tokyo. The new Tokyo data center, known as TY4, enables Equinix to keep up with the fast-growing data center demand in Japan.

Equinix states that companies in Japan are in need of additional data center services. According to Fuji Chimera Research Institute, the Japan data center colocation market is forecast to reach a size of 608 billion yen (approximately $6B) in 2017. The expansion of Equinix’s footprint in Tokyo would further enable multinational companies to expand into the growing Japan market and better serve their international customers.

Earthquake-Resistant Data Center

Equinix Data Center Space Tokyo, Japan

Equinix is investing $43M in TY4, providing total capacity of 750 cabinet equivalents with 450 cabinets available in the first phase. TY4 is located in an earthquake-resistant building in one of the most secure locations in Tokyo with multiple anti-disaster measures. In addition, TY4 has direct fiber connectivity to Equinix’s three other data centers in the city via the Equinix Metro Connect, a service that provides reliable network connectivity, allowing customers in TY4 to easily expand their business within the Equinix platform.

The newly opened data center in Japan is called an International Business Exchange (IBX) by Equinix, like the other data centers of the company. Equinix IBX data centers would offer more than just carrier-neutral colocation space and carrier-dense interconnections. IBX Data Centers would be home to an increasing number of large enterprises, as well as digital ecosystems for cloud, mobility, content and financial services. By locating data in an Equinix IBX, clients would be surrounded by opportunities to form new interconnections with business partners, service providers and networks.

Colocation Ecosystem and Peering

With its location in Otemachi, an international financial center and home to more than 4,000 large enterprises and financial firms, TY4 offers companies an opportunity to expand their IT infrastructure and connect to an established ecosystem of existing and potential customers and partners. TY4’s close proximity to the major financial exchanges in Japan will also provide financial companies with reliable, low-latency connectivity that will ensure timely access to multiple information sources to make critical business decisions.

Equinix will further strengthen Otemachi’s position as a premier network hub in Japan by providing its customers with access to a dense network of best-in-class providers, as well as the Equinix Internet Exchange (EIE). The EIE is a globally distributed peering and traffic exchange that will enable Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and content providers to reduce IP transit costs and increase network efficiency by eliminating network hops to improve end user experience for their customers. Companies will also be able to establish new or expand existing peering relationships within TY4.

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- Koen Stegeman, Editor-in-Chief and CEO