Equinix’s MainOne Opens New African Data Center in Nigeria

MainOne data centers

Following on the heels of Equinix’s acquisition of the company, MainOne has opened a new data center in Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos has the potential to become Africa’s digital infrastructure powerhouse, according to Equinix.

The new ‘MDXi Lekki II Data Center,’ in keeping with MainOne’s existing assets, provides open access connection to all of Nigeria’s top telecom networks with established presence on the Lekki campus. Clients will have access to a diverse ecosystem of telecom operators, worldwide networks, financial services firms, and content suppliers not just in Nigeria, but also throughout West Africa.

Under the Equinix umbrella, MDXi Lekki II would give immediate opportunity for development on MainOne’s Lekki Data Center site, which is slated for additional expansion up to 10MW of data center capacity.

“Indeed, having a parent company that is the world’s digital company choose to enter Africa through the acquisition of MainOne is a bold statement,” said Funke Opeke, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at MainOne. “Equinix recognizes that Lagos has the potential to become the digital infrastructure hub for Africa and we are delighted that through this acquisition Equinix will extend its network of 240 data centers in 66 markets to Lagos. Our plans include further expansion to the Lekki Campus to accommodate the requirements of global hyperscalers and regional businesses as we expand to connect the over 10,000 companies already on the Equinix platform. These businesses will now have access to our region and local businesses will come onboard to interconnect with them.”


Photo Funke Opeke, CEO at MainOne
“Equinix recognizes that Lagos has the potential to become the digital infrastructure hub for Africa,” said Funke Opeke, CEO at MainOne.

“By extending our global reach, we offer our 10,000 customers a significantly large new market to enter and interconnect with at many levels,” said Judith Gardiner, Vice President Growth and Emerging Markets at Equinix. “Our expectations are high given what we have learned about the vision of the Lagos State Government and we are committed to making Lagos the Digital hub of Africa. To put this in context, Amsterdam as a key hub, with a population of 1 million people has 9 Equinix Data Centers with over 106MW capacity. Lagos, with a population of over 20 million, has the potential to far exceed this footprint. We are committed to bringing our capital, expertise, knowledge and customers to accelerate the digital age in Nigeria.”

MDXi, an Equinix business, is a top data center company in West Africa. All major Internet exchanges, network providers, and ISPs in the West African area have access to its carrier neutral data centers in Nigeria, Ghana, and Cote d’Ivoire.

MDXi provides a wide range of colocation, cloud, and connectivity services, all of which come with knowledgeable and qualified support staff.

“The Lekki II Data Center will continue to deliver the same excellent services that our customers across West Africa have come to expect from MDXi,” said Gbenga Adegbiji, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at MDXi. He expressed confidence that global firms interested in establishing a presence in West Africa would benefit from the new MDXi Lekki II’s world-class level of services given in advanced markets, consistent with the experience with the existing Lekki facility.