Equinor targets data efficiency and a low-carbon future with Microsoft Energy Data Services

This customer video will focus on the ways Equinor is using Microsoft Energy Data Services (MEDS – formerly Project Oak) to advance its corporate commitments to sustainability, industry transformation, and business success. We will explore how MEDS helps Equinor increase operational profitability, efficiency, and resiliency, while promoting health, safety, and a low-carbon future. We will also look at the ways in which the relationship between Microsoft and Equinor facilitates these benefits, and the ultimate business impacts and ROI that Equinor is seeing or expects to see going forward. This will include examining current use cases and future plans, so we can understand specifically how Equinor is using MEDS and highlight the ways other energy customers could benefit from this technology.

Read the full story at https://customers.microsoft.com/en-us/story/1546637122668770900-equinor-energy-microsoft-energy-data-services

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Duration: 00:03:36
Publisher: Microsoft Cloud Platform
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