Essence Group Launches CyberSecurity Company Delivering Blockchain-Based Solutions for IoT

Israel-based Essence Group, a global provider of IoT connected-living solutions for communication, security and healthcare service providers, has announced the launch of a new cyber-security company, SigmaDots. The new company is bringing blockchain-based cybersecurity to the IoT ecosystem.

The new solution brought by SigmaDots comes with a serverless architecture based on a “next generation” blockchain that would go beyond patching deficiencies of scalability, speed, and energy efficiency. It utilizes decentralized architecture that mitigates risk of failures ensuring continuity for service providers.

“In a world where the use of technology is ever-present, so is the risk of cyber attack’s – with increasingly dire consequences,” said Dr. Haim Amir Group Chairman and CEO of Essence Group. “We founded SigmaDots to provide a differentiator in a world where everything is connected – and vulnerable.”

20 Million Devices Deployed Worldwide

With a global presence, nearly 25 years of developing connected devices and 20 million devices deployed worldwide, Essence Group is using its experience and knowledge to build advanced cyber-security solutions to help others ensure their IoT devices and networks are safe. With SigmaDots, they have developed a new security solution in cooperation with leading communications solutions providers.

SigmaDots, part of the Essence Group of companies, is now testing the blockchain-based cyber-security solution in an end-to-end IoT environment together with a partner – one of the world’s largest monitoring companies, so they say. Results of these tests would show that all assets are protected through the entire architecture.

SigmaDots can safely protect an IoT system from ten to millions of nodes, delivering the foundation for true security,” said Itsik Harpaz, General Manager of SigmaDots. “It secures all types of interactions, and verticals including: communications; healthcare; industrial and smart home. In the future the technology will also support the automotive industry.”

Essence Group Cybersecurity

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