Ethernity Networks CEO: “100GE Is the Minimum for IoT Applications”

Ethernity Networks provides software-defined networking and security solutions on programmable hardware for accelerating telco/cloud networks. At CloudFest 2019 in Germany, had an interview with the company’s CEO, David Levi. He explains that the huge growth in data usage forces companies to move cloud closer to the edge, preferably software-defined.

In this video interview (2 videos), Eternity networks CEO David Levi shares the main networking trends for the hosting community with us. He also elaborates on the products that Ethernity Networks has to offer to address these trends. Furthermore, Mr. Levi talks about the issues in networking for hybrid cloud environments, and his vision on the available network port speeds such as 10GE, 100GE and even 400GE from a user perspective.

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Lowering latency at high volumes often cannot be achieved with the CPU alone. FPGAs can be utilized as part of a heterogeneous CPU and FPGA platform to implement reconfigurable accelerators and deliver better performance at lower latency. According to Ethernity Networks, FPGA-based systems in data centers have lots of potential for new applications that require heavy computational loads, or use cases with for example high traffic, deterministic performance, low power and space needs, and low delay. In the following VIDEO Mr. Levi further explains the importance of FPGAs for better performance and low-latency results. 

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