euNetworks Expands Its Long-Haul Network into Poland

Photo Paula Cogan
“Warsaw is an exciting new region for data center growth and is an important market experiencing strong bandwidth growth,” said Paula Cogan, President at euNetworks.

Western European bandwidth infrastructure provider euNetworks has expanded its long-haul network into Poland. The company’s network now includes three additional connections to Warsaw.

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euNetworks’ third new network route, through Brno, supports traffic to Prague, Bratislava, and Vienna, and provides roughly 2,977KM of newly lighted fiber linking Warsaw directly with Berlin and Hamburg. This extension, which took nine months to complete, responds to euNetworks’ customers’ requests for greater variety in the region. The system is already operational, with each span handling several Terabits of customer traffic that is expected to significantly increase.

“Warsaw is an exciting new region for data center growth and is an important market experiencing strong bandwidth growth,” said Paula Cogan, President at euNetworks. “It’s a growing cloud region in Europe, with its geographic position making it a key connectivity hub for hyperscalers and cloud service providers. We continue to develop our network in support of our customers’ bandwidth requirements across Europe. Our expansion into Poland enables us to continue to offer a seamless and end to end data center connectivity experience for our customers on our network with the same service delivery and support experience they have come to value.”

Bandwidth Requirements

The new long-distance routes were created with a distinctive triverse structure in mind. Each route arrives in a different data center in Warsaw, with room to grow as more data centers are added to the region. The 924-kilometer north route connects Berlin and Hamburg and is the only one of its kind on the market. Its route variety also allows consumers to avoid Berlin if necessary. The middle route, which runs from euNetworks’ Berlin data center to Warsaw, is 845 kilometers long. The south route, at 1,178 kilometers, would provide the quickest route to market between Vienna and Warsaw, and allow euNetworks to establish a new point of presence in Slovakia along the way.

These new routes connect to Warsaw’s major data centers. This investment supports euNetworks’ clients’ bandwidth requirements, as well as diversity and triversity across Europe. The long-haul network of euNetworks now connects 53 cities across 17 nations. The long haul network, when combined with euNetworks’ vast metro networks in 17 cities, offers end-to-end connection from any data center to any data center on their owned and controlled fiber.

Super Highways

With euNetworks’ next “Super Highway” and undersea cable Scylla going operational in September 2021, the expansion East follows the deployment of further key infrastructure between the UK and the Netherlands.

100G and 400G Wavelengths, 1G and 10G Ethernet, Cloud Connect, and Multi Service Port products and solutions from euNetworks are now available in Warsaw, with plans for future direct connections to other data centers in the region and in Warsaw to meet clients’ demands.

euNetworks invests in and constructs local and long-haul fiber networks to connect Europe’s key data centers and data center hubs. The firm constructs “Super Highways” on long-haul routes that can be crucial to Europe’s future international bandwidth demands. euNetworks uses low loss fiber on these routes to deliver a low cost per bit long haul solution for its customers.

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