European Cloud Services Distributor Resello Seperates From Parent Company TWS

Resello CloudResello, a European distributor of cloud services that was part of Total Web Hosting Solutions (TWS) until now, will continue its business operations independently from Dutch parent company Total Webhosting Solutions (TWS). This would allow Resello to fully focus on the international channel, being the growing market of resellers of cloud services worldwide.

TWS is quite a young company that became visible in the market for the first time at the beginning of 2018 with the acquisition of several web hosting companies from the Netherlands, including Yourhosting, Versio, Vip Internet, and PCextreme.

The investment company behind the TWS entity is Dutch family-owned investment corporation Strikwerda Investments (SI). Rinse Strikwerda was the founder of TAS Group, a large systems integrator and provider of system development and software implementation that went public in 1998. Another large IT company associated with Strikwerda Investments includes PinkRoccade.

TWS not only wants to become a market leader in web hosting in the Netherlands but also, through acquisitions, to become a market leader in Europe. TWS’s approach would be a decentralised model in which existing brands are left intact. Current web hosting brands owned by Total Webhosting Solutions include: Yourhosting, Versio, Savvii, Realhosting, Vip Internet, PCextreme, Revices, Real-time Register, and Neostrada.

Independent Growth Path

The separation of Resello’s international cloud distribution activities would offer Resello the opportunity to set its own course and to seek cooperation with other partners more easily.

“It has always been our intention to develop our own growth path with Resello, completely independent of Yourhosting,” said Valentijn Borstlap, founder of Yourhosting and Resello as well as Member Of The Supervisory Board & Counselor at TWS. “This is also the opinion of TWS, of which Yourhosting will stay an integral part. The separation from TWS will guarantee an independent path for Resello’s further growth. Of course, due to a shared past, there is a warm bond between the two companies. But as a Resello customer, Yourhosting will simply receive the same service, prices and conditions that all our other customers are receiving. We will be honest and transparent about that.”

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