European Networking Company STORDIS Joins Open Compute Project Foundation

STORDIS Open Networking

STORDIS, a provider of ‘Open Networking Infrastructure Solutions’ with a strong presence in academia and research, cyber security, defense, financial services, media and entertainment, service providers, and telecommunications industries, has joined the Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) as a Platinum member.

“We are excited to have STORDIS join OCP, as networking continues to increase in importance to our community,” said Rocky Bullock, CEO of Open Compute Project. “The company’s history of open-sourced solutions and broad offerings, including training, can be invaluable in continuing our accelerating momentum.”

Open Compute Project was founded by Facebook, RackSpace and Microsoft. The OCP principles form the basis on which many hyperscalers operate their data centers. By adopting OCP designs in their data centers, large enterprises and governments would be able to benefit from the same advantages as the hyperscalers: cost reductions, lower energy usage and much more flexibility.

Germany, UK

Founded in 2007, STORDIS has its offices located in Germany and the United Kingdom. STORDIS, an official sponsor of the OCP Global Summit, would count as one of Europe’s leaders in ‘Open Networking’ technology with extensive knowledge on the P4 programming language. STORDIS runs “two of the best-equipped” Open Networking testing facilities in Europe, one in the UK and the other in Germany.

STORDIS LABS tests and develops various hardware and software combinations, including ONOS, and initiated an Open Source project for an SDN controller for the broadcasting industry. The company’s training program STORDIS ACADEMY educates industry experts on Open Networking technologies such as the P4 programming language.

OCP Global Summit

“Joining the OCP is a great step for STORDIS, making it a vital part of the Open Networking revolution,” said Alexander Jeffries, CEO of STORDIS. “Our business model has evolved completely around the opportunities an open networking environment can offer, and we see that partners who believe in these chances are often missing the knowledge and technology they need to achieve their goals. As an OCP member, we can share our knowledge and experience with the open-hardware community, even as we in turn benefit from a network of companies that have the same beliefs and mindshare.”

STORDIS Alexander Jeffries
“Joining the OCP is a great step for STORDIS, making it a vital part of the Open Networking revolution,” said Alexander Jeffries, CEO of STORDIS.

STORDIS will launch its own open-hardware solutions at the OCP Global Summit in March 2019. Mr. Jeffries noted that their acceptance by the OCP is the next logical step. “More and more of our partners have requested hardware features that are not yet available,” added Mr. Jeffries. “Our forthcoming products will fill a gap in the market and help us continue to offer the best services and solutions to support the open networking revolution.”

“STORDIS is playing a key role in the transformation to open networking by developing and delivering network solutions built with various open-source hardware and software ingredients,” said Bill Carter, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the Open Compute Project Foundation. “These solutions are necessary to accelerate adoption and growth of the hardware available from the OCP community. STORDIS will also provide valuable guidance and collaboration to our networking community.”

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