Hostens, a web hosting division of the Lithuanian company ‘Interneto Vizija,’ which was founded in 2003 and quickly grew into an international enterprise providing service to more than 100,000 clients across Europe, has introduced a new, free-to-use website building tool.

The website builder tool is aimed at small and medium sized businesses. It delivers 200+ design templates, web fonts, unlimited dynamic attributes, customizable filters, multiple languages and hundreds of other features. All templates support ecommerce, social media, SEO integration and a wide range of other plugins. Furthermore, the tool has 25 different options for payment gateways including AliPay, Skrill, Braintree, and more than twenty others.

The website builder has a visual page editor allowing users to drag-and-drop elements around their website. It also features a website import option. The feature allows them to import any website into the site builder tool and use it as a core design example, which would mean that customers can use their favorite site’s design instead of creating their own website from scratch.

From now on all Hostens’ customers who buy a web hosting package can use this website building tool free of charge.

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HostensData Center Lithuania

“With this new feature, we seek to be a one-stop shop and allow our customers to start their business quickly and effortlessly,” said Arvydas Strausas, CEO of Hostens. “It means that even those with no technical background can easily purchase all they need – a domain name, web hosting, and a site builder – on one website. This is the fastest and simplest way to develop an online presence for small business owners.”

Hostens operates a TIER III data center that’s located in Vilnius, Lithuania – the geographical midpoint of Europe, according to the company. Hostens offers its customers services that include web hosting, VPS hosting, VPN and domain name registration.

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