may, 2019

06mayallday08alldayMEDIA CONVENTION Berlin / re:publica Berlin, Germany


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MCB is a meeting of national and international experts, media creators and digital natives: founders, established global players, gamers, net activists, scientists, broadcasting and media company directors and managers, Snapchatters, YouTubers, Instagrammers, media and Internet politicians, influencers and developers. re:publica is a conference in Europe that deals with the Web 2.0, especially blogs, social media and information society.

In 2018 this event attracted 9,000 participants from around than 70 countries – senior editors, forward looking digital content

producers and technology leaders – to discuss the latest trends in media management in the digital age and the challenges new technology brings to media production.

Date: 6-8 May 2019

Location: Berlin, Germany


may 6 (Monday) - 8 (Wednesday)


Berlin, Germany