Eviden Partners with Microsoft to Drive GenAI Adoption

Eviden, an Atos business providing solutions within cloud, big data and security, is now working with Microsoft to support customers in a variety of sectors as they transition to the cloud and make use of Azure OpenAI Service. Eviden plans to grow its AI-driven industry solutions and promote collaborative go-to-market initiatives by using Azure OpenAI Service and its experience in Machine Learning (ML) and AI.

With its team of professionals and its products, Microsoft partner Eviden helps companies to take full advantage of Microsoft 365 Copilot. Eviden helps organizations maximize data via expert evaluation, gap identification, and best practice implementation. It does this by adhering to Microsoft’s AI adoption process. This would make it possible to create great content, search for pertinent information, and work effectively with Microsoft Copilot via AI-powered collaboration.

Accelerating the Business’s Transition to GenAI

Organizations can use, expand, and harness the potential of Generative AI with the support of Eviden’s Acceleration Program. With a distinct position in Europe across the whole AI spectrum – from supercomputers to hybrid cloud and edge – Eviden has a breadth of knowledge and experience that unites hardware, software, and services.

With more than 19,500 hybrid cloud practitioners, Eviden offers consulting on Azure and major data platforms (Databricks, SnowFlake) so that users can use custom-made and fine-tuned Generative AI models to industrialize and scale their applications into enterprise-grade solutions.

To encourage client adoption, Microsoft and Eviden will invest in the development and delivery of generative AI solutions. They plan to achieve this by using Eviden’s Generative AI Acceleration Program, which is enhanced by 8,000 data and AI specialists located across North America, EMEA, and APAC.

Specialized Intellectual Property and Accelerators

Organizations can accelerate the adoption of GenAI with cloud-native technologies with the help of Eviden’s experience, expertise, intellectual property, and accelerators like Knowledge Pilot and Azure OpenAI Launchpad, which are part of a full range of accelerators in its Generative AI Acceleration Program.

Productivity can be increased significantly using Eviden Knowledge Pilot, an AI-powered knowledge search tool that interfaces with current knowledge repositories. As an assistant, it offers individualized how-to instructions and perceptive feedback, reinventing the support process, building trust and transparency, and raising the bar for client happiness.

Azure OpenAI Launchpad would provide future-ready technology and open-source transparency to make creating AI-driven applications simple. Software developers with large language models (LLMs) and generative AI are eligible for this offer. Eviden has developed an application and deployment that is safe and resilient, with the goal of making integration easier.

“Together, Eviden and Microsoft are empowering organizations to achieve more with AI,” said Kelly Rogan, CVP of Global System Integrators and Advisory Partner for Microsoft. “With Eviden’s Generative AI solution offerings and capabilities and Azure OpenAI, we can help our customers transform their businesses with data-centric and secure digital solutions.”

“In an era where innovation is paramount, more and more organizations are looking to harness the power of generative AI in their cloud strategy,” said Michael Liebow, Global Head of Cloud at Eviden, at Atos Group. “Together with Microsoft, we are providing our customers with new, advanced solutions that will enable them to do just this and drive business transformation.”