Evolve Your VMware Estate into Future Proof, Open Cloud Infrastructure

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Many businesses have built their software on VMware vSphere, but it’s no longer the standard for IT innovation. To stay competitive, industry leaders are moving to open source cloud infrastructure, which offers substantial cost savings, greater flexibility, and faster time to market. Adding urgency is Broadcom’s impending acquisition of VMware, driving many IT teams to assess their risks and formulate an exit strategy.

Join Mirantis Principal Solution Architect Daniel Virassamy as he explains practical approaches to transitioning your VMware estate into more modern, future-proof infrastructure based on open cloud technologies. Enable your organization with the flexibility, scalability, and freedom of infrastructure choice, all while leveraging a fully modern, cloud native environment with 24/7 support from the experts at Mirantis.

You’ll walk away from this presentation with a better understanding of:
– The advantages of open cloud infrastructure over vSphere (both business & technical POVs)
– Strategies & best practices for evolving your VMware estate into open cloud infrastructure
– How to accelerate open cloud ROI, leveraging Mirantis’ platforms, expertise, tooling & support

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0:00 – Intro
0:51 – What this webinar will cover
2:12 – Why change from VMware?
8:25 – VMware to Public Cloud(s)
15:15 – Building a rock solid OpenStack platform
36:56 – OpenStack use cases & success stories
46:19 – The recipe to succeed with OpenStack
51:35 – Mirantis Infrastructure management for VMs
54:11 – Kubernetes as a disruptive approach
1:03:55 – Landing Zone Architecture for containers (IaC) vs LOKI
1:06:14 – Alternative approach – K8s + Kubevirt
1:10:25 – Quick recap
1:12:41 – A look at our upcoming webinars
1:14:12 – Outro

Duration: 01:14:35
Publisher: Mirantis
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