Foghorn Consulting, a Silicon Valley-based supplier of cloud consulting and cloud engineering services, has been acquired by Evoque Data Center Solutions.  As a global provider of colocation and connectivity services, Evoque aims at increasing their applications-first line of services with the acquisition of Foghorn Consulting.

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Evoque’s ‘application-first,’ Multi-Generational Infrastructure (MGI) approach, which was also unveiled this week, would benefit from the acquisition of Foghorn Consulting. Foghorn will be Evoque’s cloud engineering arm, adding value to Evoque’s clients throughout the world. The company’s clients will be able to rely on Evoque and Foghorn to help them create and execute infrastructure solutions that fit their evolving needs.

“We like the concept of Evoque’s Multi-Generational Infrastructure strategy as a way of aligning with customers’ continually evolving requirements,” said Philbert Shih, Managing Director at Structure Research, an independent research and consulting firm. “Evoque’s purchase of Foghorn Consulting, combined with MGI, delivers a fitting way of positioning the two and delivering more options to its client base. The result points toward a more aligned, more engaged, and more meaningful relationship with them that will open tangible opportunities and provide significant benefits.”

Innovative Cloud Engineering

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Evoque Data Center Solutions offers enterprises a full range of services, ranging from local, regional and global connectivity to secured colocation space in highly available and redundant environments across four continents.

Foghorn Consulting will continue to operate independently as a subsidiary of Evoque Data Center Solutions. Financial terms of the Foghorn acquisition were not disclosed.

“Over the past 13 years, Foghorn has built an enviable reputation as an innovative cloud engineering leader with exceptional customer service, cloud expertise and winning culture,” said Andy Stewart, President and CEO at Evoque Data Center Solutions. “With the acquisition of Foghorn, Evoque continues to execute on our growth strategy and give our customers a future-forward and flexible solution that puts their business and applications first. We are pleased to welcome Foghorn’s team of seasoned and talented cloud and hybrid engineers to Evoque as key partners in our growth.”

Evoque’s worldwide clients may further engineer success by combining Foghorn’s multi-cloud experience with Evoque’s colocation and optimization capabilities, as well as a depth and breadth of carriers and cloud on-ramps accessible at its facilities.

About Foghorn Consulting

Photo Andy Stewart, President and CEO at Evoque Data Center Solutions
“We are pleased to welcome Foghorn’s team of seasoned and talented cloud and hybrid engineers to Evoque as key partners in our growth,” said Andy Stewart, President and CEO at Evoque Data Center Solutions.

The acquisition of Foghorn by Evoque Data Center Solutions will offer a single solution that allows businesses to benefit from the cloud’s flexibility, burstability, and scalability while also optimizing the value of their existing software, hardware, and application investments. The end result would be a “low-cost, high-performance design that fosters innovation.” Foghorn’s extensive cloud engineering knowledge is available to Evoque customers through FogOps, Foghorn’s Cloud Engineering Service offering, which is backed up by FogSource, a rich library of Foghorn’s patented Infrastructure as Code.

Foghorn would give businesses the knowledge and tools they need to execute their programs on the cloud or on their own infrastructure, and to do so seamlessly through generational iterations.

Foghorn Consulting has been delivering its services for hybrid and public cloud installations since 2008. The company offers Infrastructure as Code, CI/CD pipelines, and self-healing environments for organizations ranging from creative start-ups to multinational SaaS firms and the Fortune 100, thanks to a team of full-stack, highly qualified cloud developers. Foghorn works with some of the most well-known cloud providers today. They’re one of 73 AWS Premier Consulting Partners, as well as Azure Gold and Google Cloud partners.