EvoSwitch Launches New White Paper: How to Successfully ‘Implement’ Hybrid Cloud

EvoSwitch data centersEvoSwitch, a Europe and U.S. based colocation provider with its partner-rich cloud interconnection platform, EvoSwitch OpenCloud, today releases a new white paper that covers the ‘implementation’ process of a hybrid cloud strategy. Targeting IT Directors, CIOs and CTOs, EvoSwitch’s new white paper provides enterprise organizations with guidance on cloud partner selection, compliance, cloud security, availability & performance, and hybrid cloud SLAs when implementing hybrid cloud.

After releasing its white paper on the ‘planning’ phase of a hybrid cloud strategy last month, EvoSwitch has launched this new white paper that sets out the key considerations when putting hybrid cloud plans into practice. The white paper titled ‘How to Build a Better Cloud – Implementation’ offers guidelines for successful hybrid cloud implementation. It provides information on security measures and SLAs and also features top-10 lists for selecting the right cloud partners and implementing proper security policies, including: ‘Top 10 questions to ask when selecting cloud partners,’ and: ‘Top 10 security questions to ask prospective cloud providers.’

Lessons learned from EvoSwitch’s proprietary OpenCloud exchange and growing ecosystem of 59 partners utilizing this cloud interconnection platform are included in the white paper. As with the white paper released last month on hybrid cloud planning, the new white paper ‘How to Build a Better Cloud – Implementation’ is written by Patrick van der Wilt, a seasoned data center and cloud services professional with extensive experience in colocation and hybrid cloud implementations. At EvoSwitch, Mr. Van der Wilt serves as the company’s Commercial Director.

The new white paper released by EvoSwitch today counts 30 pages and is available in English. The ‘How to Build a Better Cloud – Implementation’ white paper can be downloaded for free at:


Agility, Compliance, Redundancy

As EvoSwitch is familiar with offering cloud interconnection services through its OpenCloud exchange, the white paper on Cloud Implementation, first of all, explains the potential of implementing cloud infrastructure purchased at multiple cloud providers.

EvoSwitch Patrick van der Wilt
“The hybrid cloud strategy allows you to avoid a lock-in and get a second opinion at any point during the hybrid cloud journey,” said Patrick van der Wilt – author of the new white paper.

“I’ve included some statistics in the paper including a recently published study by Rightscale, which estimates that enterprises are running applications in an average of 1.8 public clouds and 2.3 private clouds,” said Patrick van der Wilt, the author of the white paper ‘How to Build a Better Cloud – Implementation’. “Although a proper selection of cloud suppliers requires thorough market research and resource evaluation to begin with, the hybrid cloud strategy allows you to avoid a lock-in and get a second opinion at any point during the hybrid cloud journey. As time passes, hybrid cloud enables enterprises to flexibly migrate some or all of their workloads to the cloud resources they like best with optimum support.”

“So, a key business driver for implementing hybrid cloud is the agility and scalability it brings,” added Mr. Van der Wilt. “There are several other reasons though why hybrid cloud users have chosen to implement this strategy. Compliance, redundancy and availability, cost-efficiency, but also security are among them. In this new white paper I’m addressing these topics in regard to the implementation process.”

Cloud Security, Hybrid SLAs

The author of this white paper, Patrick van der Wilt, draws particular attention to the security capabilities and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) required when implementing a hybrid cloud strategy.

Key considerations mentioned in the paper with regards to evaluating and managing the security of cloud services include: Ensuring effective governance, risk and compliance processes are in place; Auditing operational and business processes; Managing people, roles and identities; Policing and enforcing privacy policies; and more.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) should address three primary risk areas when it comes to hybrid cloud deployments, advocates Mr. Van der Wilt. He also emphasizes that general cloud SLAs tend to fall short when implementing hybrid cloud.

“The growing ecosystem of EvoSwitch OpenCloud users, with currently 59 partners on-board, are obviously taking advantage of all the hybrid cloud benefits,” said Van der Wilt. “The topics addressed in this white paper do show on the other hand that you need to fully understand the implications and practical consequences when implementing a hybrid cloud strategy.”

About EvoSwitch

evoswitch data centers
Inside EvoSwitch AMS1 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

EvoSwitch provides secure and sustainable data center services, with cloud- and carrier-neutral data centers in Europe and the United States. EvoSwitch is home to growing ecosystems of customers around interconnection and hybrid cloud, operating at the edge of the Internet and providing access to public clouds. EvoSwitch enables global and local customers to build their IT infrastructure for growth, creating value for customers and partners alike offering 139.900 sq. ft. (13.000 m2) and ample room for further growth on both sides of the Atlantic.

In response to customer demand and market requirements, EvoSwitch has built an extensive set of managed services including its EvoSwitch OpenClouda cloud-neutral and partner-rich (hybrid) cloud interconnection marketplace for low-latency interconnection options. As one of the first colocation data centers in Europe with ultra-low PUE figures while utilizing 100% renewables, EvoSwitch’s engineering teams provide special assistance for customers when optimizing equipment configurations, condition monitoring and reduction of energy consumption.

EvoSwitch’s data centers in both Europe and the U.S. provide enterprise-grade security measures while meeting strict compliance and third-party accredited standards including ISO 27001:2013, ISO 14001:2004, PCI-DSS, SIOC1 Type II, and LEED Gold.

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