Exact Introduces Private Cloud Deployment of Exact JobBOSS

Exact, a global provider of business software in the cloud for SMBs and ERP software solutions for small and medium-sized manufacturing businesses, has introduced a private cloud deployment of Exact JobBOSS – an ERP solution for SMBs.

The private cloud deployment would give SMBs the ability to securely and remotely access their ERP software to gain visibility and control of their manufacturing operations. It would provide a predictable cost of IT infrastructure, 24×7 anywhere/anytime access to Exact JobBOSS, and consistently up-to-date, secured technology infrastructure.

erp-smb-exactThe private cloud enables full control over how the software is set-up, customized, extended and maintained. This would make it ideal for manufacturers with specific or more complex requirements that do not want to manage and maintain extensive internal IT resources. The software is either purchased upfront or paid for via a monthly subscription. 

“We are seeing an increased demand for Exact JobBOSS via private cloud as a cost avoidance strategy,” said Matt Heerey, Managing Director at Exact JobBOSS. “Many SMB manufacturers want to minimize the maintenance and cost of their in house hardware/software environments, security and technical consulting. Remote hosting is designed to provide these cost-saving benefits. Exact JobBOSS gives SMB manufacturers the power of choice with multiple options for software and hardware including on premise, public cloud, and now private cloud.”