Exclusive Networks Buys Ignition Technology

Exclusive Networks, a global provider of cybersecurity solutions for digital infrastructure, has acquired Ignition Technology. Ignition is a specialist security VAD focused on early-stage disruptive security-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors in the UK and Northern Europe.

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Ignition Technology is now available in seven countries spanning the Benelux, Nordics, and United Kingdom, with Exclusive Networks aiming to expand the Ignition offering internationally in the coming months. Each local Ignition organization will be able to accelerate its growth by utilizing the resources of Exclusive Networks throughout the world. Financial details of this acquisition were not disclosed.

The acquisition of Ignition Technology would create a dedicated operation focused on younger technology businesses wanting to break into the global market. Exclusive Networks now has a targeted offering for innovative cybersecurity businesses, regardless of where they are on their growth journey, thanks to this relocation and its ongoing strong emphasis on established and scale-out vendors.

Startups, Global Markets

As new and disruptive suppliers emerge from late-stage startup phase and seek to reach a global market, Ignition Technology will become Exclusive’s brand entity for advancing their growth. Ignition will be developed internationally as a springboard for new suppliers and technologies for this purpose, while Exclusive Networks will continue to be the road to global scale and hyper growth.

Photo Jesper Trolle, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Exclusive Networks
“We have a strong pedigree and reputation in bringing new and disruptive cybersecurity technologies to market, helping emerging vendors grow and scale from market challengers to market leaders,” said Jesper Trolle, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Exclusive Networks.

“This is an exciting and premeditated plan designed to double-down on our services for startup vendors in an innovative and disruptive way, with a dedicated and distinct value proposition,” said Jesper Trolle, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Exclusive Networks. “We have a strong pedigree and reputation in bringing new and disruptive cybersecurity technologies to market, helping emerging vendors grow and scale from market challengers to market leaders. These vendors have different needs and expectations depending on where they are in their growth journey. With Ignition we are enhancing our value for emerging vendors, creating a focused, defined and dedicated proposition. By creating a separate entity, we can provide a global launchpad for these emerging start-ups whilst maintaining our key focus on the specific needs of our core established and scale-out vendors.”

“We believe this is a powerful move to enhance our specialist proposition – globally something that no-one has ever achieved. It will increase our relevance, both with the new generation of vendors and the thousands of partners globally that rely on us to act as their virtual CTO and triage for new tech innovations,” added Mr. Trolle. “It also reflects our view that innovation is not only a ‘technical or technology’ play but a business model disruption, a disruption in customer engagement and experience. Global expansion is a key part of our own omnichannel proposition which makes us relevant to all sectors of this market across supply and demand-side standpoints. We really believe we are starting something good with this initiative and I personally can’t wait to see the Ignition model integrated and replicated across our global organization.”

Exclusive Networks is a company with global operations leveraging innovation to provide value to its partners. Exclusive Networks has a ‘local sale, global scale’ model, with offices in 40 countries and the ability to service customers in over 195 countries across five continents.

“This is a great opportunity for both ourselves and vendors to get a clear pathway to boost progression globally,” said Peter Ledger, co-founder and Managing Director of Ignition. “Transitioning through the stages of startup to scale-out has always been a dilemma for vendors wanting the focus of a local specialist but needing scale, and for those specialists to be able to benefit from the hard work and investment put into the early stages. No global player has managed this previously and this is a bold and creative way of addressing this need. Our model depends on hyper-care, customer acquisition and evangelism. We now have a symbiotic partnership with Exclusive who ‘wrote the book’ on launching and developing new and emerging vendors internationally. No wonder they’re reimagining how global specialism may work and it’s great to be part of this ambition.”