EXIN Launches Globally Available Certification in OpenStack Software

EXIN, a global expert in the field of ICT skills, competencies and assessments, with certification programs such as Secure Programming, Cloud Computing, Agile Scrum and Data Center Management, has launched its EXIN Certification in OpenStack Software program. This certification on OpenStack is the first vendor-neutral and globally available OpenStack certification program in the market.

EXIN has initially developed and launched a basic level certification on OpenStack, called EXIN Foundation Certification in OpenStack Software. This exam will test ICT professionals on basic knowledge and understanding of OpenStack.

exin-openstack-certificationWithin its Certification in OpenStack Software program, sometime in 2015, EXIN also plans to launch a deep technically oriented certification exam aimed at ICT professionals including developers and programmers. Aligned with OpenStack’s modular approach, this advanced certification will most likely start with a Neutron-based offering, followed by other certification possibilities like Swift and Cinder.

The vendor-neutral OpenStack exam program will strengthen EXIN’s overall cloud exam program, allowing EXIN’s global network of partners to provide ICT professionals with training and exams on OpenStack Software, resulting in an internationally recognized EXIN certification.

IaaS, SaaS, PaaS

EXIN’s basic level program consists of OpenStack related information such as different types of cloud services, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Software-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Also, business-side knowledge will be tested: What is the value in using OpenStack cloud? What are the risks? And what are the key elements in choosing the right cloud provider?

openstack-cloudOnce certified, corporates and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) will be sure their ICT professionals have generic understanding of the OpenStack subject and its organizational implications.

“Cloud has become an integral part of how we do business today, it is big business and set to grow even further,” said Bernd Taselaar, CEO of EXIN. “As many leading ICT vendors and cloud providers have included OpenStack open source technology in their offerings, these skills are being asked for in the market. As the first vendor-neutral examination institute in the global market, EXIN wants to address these market needs and individual competence requirements by launching OpenStack-based exams on a global scale.”

English, Japanese, Chinese

EXIN initially starts with the launch of an EXIN OpenStack Foundation, basic level exam in English, available immediately through EXIN’s partner channel and EXIN Anywhere in more than 125 countries worldwide. As EXIN is targeting multiple countries and markets globally, exam versions in other languages will follow soon after, with planned language localizations including Japanese, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish and Korean.

The EXIN Foundation Certification in OpenStack Software builds on EXIN’s longstanding expertise in the field of ICT exam development and fits a 3-day training course. The exam program for channel partners includes a blueprint of a training; exam content; exam requirements; literature references; and target group details.

Partnership with HP

hp-cloudIn line with EXIN’s strategy to create an immediate and broad market support for its exam program and achieve fast time to market for its products, the company has developed its Certification in OpenStack Software program in close partnership with HP. Although the EXIN Foundation Certification in OpenStack Software examination is a true vendor-neutral product, HP has been serving as an important technology partner for the transmission of hands-on and up-to-date market knowledge.

HP will be the launching partner for distribution of the EXIN Foundation Certification in OpenStack Software examination program through their HP Education Services organization globally. The EXIN Foundation Certification in OpenStack Software exams will be available immediately through HP Education Services and the remaining part of EXIN’s global partner network.