Expert Blog: It’s Time to Celebrate Your SysAdmins

Alan Conboy
Alan Conboy, Office of the CTO, Scale Computing

Striking the delicate balance between proactivity and quick response, system administrators (SysAdmins) are often the first line of defense, working hard to handle IT problems and build the systems and procedures necessary to prevent them.

Author: Alan Conboy, Office of the CTO, Scale Computing

As such, taking the time to celebrate them this System Administrator Appreciation Day is the first step in recognizing the hard work they continuously provide.

While it’s important to celebrate and show appreciation for SysAdmins all year round, it is also important to rally behind a specific day dedicated to these unsung heroes and implement tools to help make their job easier. With the help of hyperconverged and edge computing solutions, SysAdmins are enabled to maximize their infrastructure potential and decrease their workloads, becoming a superhero in the data center.

Created by fellow SysAdmin Ted Kekatos, this year marks the 20th anniversary of SysAdmin Day. A SysAdmin’s job covers a range of tasks including installing software and operating systems, setting up firewalls, securing the safety and reliability of your network connection, and maintaining backups to save the day should you need them, with the help of hyperconvergence solutions to make their jobs easier.

A few ways to show gratitude to your company’s SysAdmins this year include:

  • Dedicating a company-wide campaign
  • Holding internal competitions
  • Giving out awards/prizes
  • Organizing a luncheon or party

So, today and every day, show your SysAdmins the gratitude they deserve and celebrate all their hard work. How are you celebrating SysAdmin Day today?