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Photo Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamps
Author: Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamps

In the current economic climate, organizations are seeking to accelerate revenue, re-imagine customer experiences, improve operational efficiencies and speed up innovation. Ticking every one of these boxes is the proverbial golden ticket that can translate digital investment into tangible business value. But the reality is that each step requires focused investment into the right technology, and a deep understanding of the data-driven economy. 

There are massive amounts of data – 50% – and devices – 55 billion by 2022 – on the Intelligent Edge. The problem, however, is that organizations don’t have the right infrastructure or processes in place to fully realize the value of this data – 80-85% of enterprises are experiencing last-mile problems with machine learning. Only a small fraction of enterprise apps has reached the cloud, with 70% still residing outside. To thrive in the Age of Insight – the data-driven reality of today – the enterprise must address these problems and accelerate digital transformation.

It is distributed industrial and professional data that will likely ignite the next wave of digital transformation. This data will come from multiple sources and industries, pulled in by production, prediction and process. The applications of this data will also transform how organizations approach development and innovation. Concepts such as the digital twin, machinery-as-a-service, and predictive maintenance will continue their evolution and deliver on their potential.

HPE - Hewlett Packard EnterpriseBut, to really thrive in this world, and experience digital innovation, customers need access. Not just any kind of access, but rather knowledgeable access that leads to stronger business outcomes. They need the right tools and technologies that empower them to go beyond functionality into the realms of data monetization.

Customers want smart access to their data’s value. The time to build this bridge is now. The time to fully leverage the potential of hybrid cloud and the flexibility, scale and compute it offers to the organization, is today. Hybrid cloud has undergone significant investment over the past few years and is well placed to put the company and its data right on the Intelligent Edge. HPE is a market leader in hybrid cloud innovation and, as such, has developed applications that translate data and complexity into elegant solution-driven simplicity.

For the service provider, there has never been a better time to connect these digital trends. Organizations are hovering on the cusp of digital acceleration and the potential of insights. They are hungry for expertise and solutions that will allow them to fully realize their investments and the value of their data, so they can build robust foundations in an extraordinarily competitive market.

Service providers can provide organizations of all sizes with strategic, distributed cloud support, partnering with them to realize a secure, location-independent strategy by managing services and assets on-premises and/or at the edge. Service providers are uniquely placed to help organizations achieve the resiliency they need today, and to fully experience the business value of artificial intelligence through modularity, automation and predictive insights. This can be further enhanced by establishing or joining federated or decentralized cloud infrastructures for sovereign data monetization.

By collaborating with customers and with partners such as HPE and the Cloud28+ business platform, service providers can translate the current complexities and challenges facing the market into opportunities. With a unified HPE solution for service providers, including components such as data fabric, container, security, access control, and more, there is immense scope to build truly robust and flexible solutions that create a competitive edge.

The evolution of the data-driven, distributed cloud gives service providers the opportunity to develop critical market differentiation, while building on much of their inherent value proposition. It’s a space where service provider expertise can be fully realized to create intelligent journeys right to the edge of data, at speed. This is the time to guide customers on their data-driven, hybrid cloud strategies and to create collaborative selling exchanges that accelerate value and time to market.

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