Exploitation at speed – beating bad actors to find vulnerabilities in your systems

New vulnerabilities are being found constantly. A 12-month penetration test will find these once a year, but it is possible to identify and fix these bugs immediately with continuous monitoring.

This webinar goes into detail about the speed between a vulnerability being found and being exploited, and what the common risks and impact are from these bugs. Rob also covers some case studies of previous critical impact CVEs that we have seen and how we’ve triaged them.

What you will learn:

– How quickly new vulnerabilities are exploited in the wild
– How to identify new vulnerabilities rapidly and at scale
– What the impact is of getting hit with one of these bugs

This is ideal for:

– Security Design Makers/ Security Architects
– Digital Transformation Project Leaders
– Application/ Platform Owners
– Security Visionaries
– Cyber Security Auditors
– Digital Risk Oversight
– Controls Managers
– Data or Operational Risk Managers
– Digital Fraud Managers

Duration: 00:58:10
Publisher: Claranet
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