Explore shared storage for all enterprise file workloads | Azure Storage Day 2021

Most enterprise apps and workloads are based on file storage, including SAP HANA, high-performance computing, databases, and virtual desktop infrastructure. Learn from Andrew and Mike how to use Azure Files for general purpose file shares in the cloud to support cloud and hybrid environments; and Azure NetApp Files to run performance- and latency-sensitive workloads. You’ll also learn about how to map your workloads to the most relevant Azure file services.

– Get started with Azure Storage for free: https://aka.ms/AzureStorageFree
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– Explore in-depth articles on Azure Storage: https://aka.ms/AzureStorageDocs
– Learn more about Azure Files: https:// aka.ms/AzureFiles
– Learn more about Azure NetApp Files: https:// aka.ms/NetApp

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