ExpressRoute Partnership Provides Data Foundry Colocation Customers with Redundant and Diverse Paths to Microsoft Azure Data Centers

Data Foundry, an Austin, Texas-based company that provides data center colocation, disaster recovery and managed services, is now an official Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner. Azure ExpressRoute would allow Data Foundry customers to easily and securely utilize Microsoft Azure cloud services, including tools such as Office 365, Skype for Business and Sharepoint.

data foundry data centersExpressRoute is a private, dedicated network connection between Microsoft Azure data centers and the customers’ IT environments located within Data Foundry’s data center infrastructure. Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute is one of the multiple paths to the cloud included in Data Foundry’s CloudTap service. CloudTap provides secured, end-to-end private connections to top cloud service providers such as AWS, CenturyLink, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Through Data Foundry’s CloudTap service, customer data does not have to traverse the public Internet. Companies would be enabled to work with greater security, higher performance connections and greater network reliability. In addition to providing cross connects from customers’ data center environments to the cloud, Data Foundry also provides cross connect services for any business that wants to connect their corporate office to the cloud.

“We’ve taken strides to boost our cloud offering to support customers’ hybrid cloud strategies, and we are pleased to become an official Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner,” said Mark Noonan, Data Foundry’s Vice President of Sales. “This partnership adds value to our CloudTap service and provides our customers with secure, high-throughput access to Microsoft’s cloud services.”

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