Extracting Value with a Cloud CDW (Cloud Next '19)

Clinical data comes in several modalities and it’s usually messy! Mapping clinical concepts across multiple ontologies, harmonizing lab results, keeping track of the missing data, and all while your source schemas, your target schema, and the vocabularies for mapping are changing underneath you is a complex juggling act. Find out how to make sense of your electronic medical record (EMR) data sources, and mash it with your imaging archive or biomedical data. This session will discuss clinical ETL, ontology management, clinical analytics schemas, and how Cloud can help you extract more value from the data.

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Speaker(s): Marianne Slight, Gregory Klebanov, Joshua Siegel

Session ID: DA224
product:Cloud Healthcare Service,Cloud Healthcare,BigQuery; fullname:Marianne Slight;

Duration: 47:28
Publisher: Google Cloud
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