F5 Increases Commitment to Open Source

Multi-cloud application security company F5 has recently announced a few developments that would underscore its support for clients managing the accelerating pace of digital transformation and the critical role of open source technology in driving modern digital experiences.

To allow DevOps professionals and developers to accelerate the delivery of their applications, F5 is going to roll out new open source versions of leading management solutions, along with a new open-source modern application reference architecture. The company has also made it public that it will play an active role in the Kubernetes Ingress project and will also join the Gateway API community.

To illustrate the power of its open source platform, F5 revealed Now Arriving, an interactive community experience featuring seven different immersive digital environments designed by artists and developers.

3 Major Announcements for NGINX Open Source

As per the announcement by F5, it will increase open source development and expand engagement with the broader NGINX community to promote more contributions. The commitments being made unfold across three key areas:

  • Commercial versions of all open source NGINX products – To support applications at scale, commercial versions of NGINX will be available with additional security, governance, observability, and management capabilities. F5 will transparently define what goes into open source and what goes into commercial offerings so that the customers can make the right choice.
  • More open source offerings and community contribution – F5 plans to work with the community on GitHub, creating new open source projects in a clearly defined way with documentation to accelerate innovation, release notes, and issue tracking.
  • More innovation across data, management, and control planes – Talking about the previous stints, NGINX has focused more on the data plane via its open-source efforts. F5 is now going to offer free and open-source NGINX control plane technologies, along with a new management plane and abstracted workflow capabilities.

‘NGINX Now Arriving’ Experience

Photo Rob Whiteley, vice president and general manager of the NGINX Product Group at F5
“We are ramping up the pace of innovation and commitment to customers and the open source community to help them more effectively scale and manage modern application architectures,” said Rob Whiteley, vice president and general manager of the NGINX Product Group at F5.

Now Arriving by NGINX would be a one of a kind digital-physical experience built inside of a modified shipping container at The NGINX Hangar, a highly confidential location in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. The experience uses projectors, interactive app, and digital media along with NGINX Open Source. The company asks if other community members may join the project by viewing it in Seattle or on the pop-up tour; and share their ideas of how they would bring light back to their city, town, or virtual community.

The Now Arriving experience will shortlist a handful of ideas and work to bring them to life. NGINX is all set to bring awareness as new ideas arise online. Moreover, the container also expands its footprint to new locations.

Vice President’s Take

Vice President and General Manager of the NGINX Product Group at F5, Robert Whitely, said that over the past years, the organization has provided capabilities that clients depend on to deliver the next generation of mind-blowing digital experiences, from the code built by the developers for the customers who consume those experience.

Mr. Whitely further concluded his statement by saying that they are ramping up the pace of innovation and commitment to customers and the open-source community to aid them more appropriately and manage modern application architectures.