F5 Networks Acquires Defense.Net, Extends Security Offerings with Cloud Hosting Based DDoS Mitigation

F5 Networks has acquired Defense.Net, Inc., a privately-held provider of cloud hosting based security services for protecting data centers and Internet applications from distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Defense.Net’s high-capacity cloud hosting service is complementary to F5’s existing on-premise DDoS Protection capabilities.

ddos-mitigationThe combination of the two companies would provide customers with a comprehensive hybrid DDoS solution, engineered to absorb the full threat spectrum of DDoS attacks. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

“Sophisticated DDoS attacks combine high volume traffic-clogging with stealthy low and slow application-targeted techniques,” said John Grady, Research Manager for Security Products at IDC. “These hybrid attacks will increasingly cause serious disruption for organizations. A defense-in-depth strategy for DDoS takes a combined approach that incorporates on-premises appliances for detecting and mitigating mid-volume, SSL, or application-targeted attacks, while a cloud scrubbing facility stops the volumetric attacks that are dozens of gigabits in bandwidth from even reaching the enterprise network.”

DDoS Attacks

Designed by DDoS industry pioneers, Defense.Net’s network supports multiple protocols and provides features for remediation and control to safeguard customers from unforeseen threat vectors, while maintaining application performance.

F5’s DDoS product engineering shows a comparable focus on scale and performance to how Defense.Net has built its mitigation capability in a cloud hosting environment,” said Barrett Lyon, Founder and CTO of Defense.Net. “Customers of all sizes will be able to ensure that business-critical applications and networks are protected and available under the most demanding conditions regardless of the volume, type, or source of DDoS attack.”