F5 Networks Unveils Hardware-accelerated DDoS Protection Solution

F5 Networks has unveiled a new solution delivering a wide ranging suite of protections against DDoS attacks that target business applications, the network, SSL, and DNS infrastructures. F5 claims its solution to be the industry’s most comprehensive on-premises DDoS protection solution available in a single product.

ddos-protection-solution-f5-networksHardware-accelerated DDoS protection would dramatically improve performance and it would free system resources for other critical services. The F5 Network solution is available on entry-level, mid-range, and high-end products, putting high-end DDoS protection within reach for small and mid-sized web hosting companies.

F5’s DDoS protection suite mitigates multiple types of DDoS attacks, from ICMP floods, to DNS query floods, to application attacks such as Slowloris. With the new product suite, F5 expands the number of attack vectors handled in hardware from one to 25. F5 Networks claims that significant performance improvements are seen across all vectors. With F5’s flexible hardware platform, additional DDoS features could continue to be incorporated in hardware with every release.

Reference architecture: F5 Synthesis

The DDoS protection solution is one of several reference architectures connected to F5 Synthesis, the company’s new architectural vision. F5 Synthesis comprises a catalog of software defined application services and solutions that enable customers to deliver device, network, and application services without constraints across cloud and hybrid hosting environments. Supporting these services are multiple reference architectures that give customers prescriptive guidance on how best to implement F5 technology to address specific business challenges.

The hardware-accelerated threat protection is available across F5’s full line of BIG-IP products, including the 5200, 7200, and 10200 series offerings, so web hosting companies of all sizes can take advantage of this DDoS protection functionality. Hosting providers with massive traffic volume would benefit from the same hardware-accelerated DDoS protection on high-end F5 VIPRION devices.

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- Koen Stegeman, Editor-in-Chief and CEO